Adelheid Manefeldt Creative is a content creation agency specialising in sculpting brand stories that speak to the end-user in a way which is both visually appealing and emotionally captivating.
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It’s all about understanding…

With more than 15 years’ experience in content writing, branding and communication at agency, corporate and freelance level, AMCreative understands what makes people tick.

Our insight spans various sectors, platforms and mediums and we draw on various resources to get the job done – better than anyone else, sticking to required deadlines. Whether text messaging, social media, billboards, web content, blogs, flyers or scripts – we’ll see to it that your brand story is told in a unique way.

anticipating their needs

understanding their heritage

believing in their dreams

being age appropriate

considering their abilities

speaking to their desires

respecting their beliefs

relying on research

not judging books by their covers

remaining socially relevant

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